JXM, Inc. - A Government & Commercial Services Contractor
111 E. Laurel St., Suite 101 San Antonio, TX 78212 210-226-9488

Corporate History:

JXM, Inc. is a minority and women owned firm established in 1994 in San Antonio, TX.  The company primarily bids on Government contracts but is starting to advance in the commercial and residential maintenance and construction industry's respectively.  More...

Services Offered:

Building and Remodeling
Historic Home Renovation
Military Family Housing Maintenance and Management
Facility Maintenance Services
Furnishings Management
Facility Custodial Services
National Cemetery Site Renovations
Landscape and Irrigation
Grounds Keeping
Animal Care Taking
Medical Records Transcription
Hospital Housekeeping

Latest Headlines:

USDA awards JXM a renovation project in Laramie, WY

MEDCOM selects JXM to provide hospital housekeeping services at Fort Meade

JXM begins cemetery site renovation for National Cemetery in Houston, TX

JXM Construction selects Seenary Productions, Inc. to build its interactive web site

PN Hoffman hires JXM for renovation projects

JXM is awarded Military Family Housing project at Langley AFB

Sample List of Projects:

Langley AFB, Military Family Housing
Warren AFB, Military Family Housing
Houston Nat'l Cemetery, Cemetery Site Renovation
GSA Border Stations, Facility Maintenance
USDA Research Labs, Facility Maintenance
PN Hoffman, Facility Maintenance
McDill AFB, Medical Records Transcription
Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Medical Records Transcription
Ft. Bliss, Hospital Housekeeping
Ft. Meade, Hospital Housekeeping

Locations and Staff:

JXM has offices in San Antonio, TX and Washington, DC.   More...

Thank you for visiting the JXM web site.  Please check back again for updates and latest news about the company.  New web site to be launched in January 2006.  

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